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Cari England

Defy the Ordinary

"Freedom lies in being bold." - Robert Frost

Bold. Dynamic. Authentic.

I see you, Freedom-seeker.

No matter where life takes you, you find yourself drawn to art. Art that makes you feel. Makes you brave. Sets you free. In a world that is equal parts beautiful and barbaric, magical and mundane, what speaks to you is art that gives you permission to live life authentically. No frills. No excess. Just pieces that feel like you, in vivid color.

I've been an abstract realism artist since I could first hold a pencil. And I can tell we're kindred spirits because I have that same love for the fearless, the individual, and the bold in me.

On any given day, you'll find me at work in controlled chaos. Whether blasting metalcore covered head to toe in paint or brewing the most magical shot of espresso, I thrive in intensity. Energy and imagination are in my nature and infused into every piece I make.

My original artwork is here to ignite, inspire, and captivate. So stay awhile... you might like what you see.

Be bold, be you, be free.


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